This quality Lexmark remanufactured ink cartridge is suitable for most home and office situations. p>

To fit the following models: Optra 40, Optra 40N, Optra 45, Optra 45N, X125, X125 Pro, X4250, X4270, X5770, X63, X70, X73, X80, X82, X83, X84, X85, X85 Pro, Z11, Z31, Z41, Z42, Z43, Z44, Z45, Z45SE, Z51, Z52, Z53, Z54, Z54SE, Z715, Z80, Z82, Z85 MJ4500C, MSYS4700, MSYS4800, SCX1000, SCX1100, SCX1150, SF3150, SF4300, SF4500, SF4700, SF4750, Compaq 1400P, A1000, A1200, A1400, A1500, A3000, A4000, A900, C31000, IJ1200, IJ300, IJ700, IJ750, IJ900 PPMPM 100 F4250, F4270, JP3200, JP5000, JP5700, JP5770, JP7000, JP7200, JP7200V, IJ 1200, IJ 300, IJ 700, IJ 750, IJ 900, M 100, JP 3200, JP 5000, JP 5700, JP 5770, JP 7000, JP 7200, JP 7200V, MJ 4500C, MSYS 4700, MSYS 4800, SCX 1000, SCX 1100, SCX 1150, SF 3150, SF 4300, SF 4500, SF 4700, SF 4750 p>

This Budget Lexmark 12A1970 will give you fantastic savings and excellent print quality. No matter what your business, if you are a student or if you are at home, printing is vital in your everyday activities. p>

With budget Lexmark remanufactured cartridges from the eSunrise Store, you can replace your printer consumables far cheaper than with the Lexmark original product. The Lexmark remanufactured 12A1970 ink cartridge from the eSunrise Store is the most effective way to save money on your printing. The Lexmark 12A1970 remanufactured ink cartridge will ensure you make significant savings. Bulk savings are available. p>

Get sharp, crisp prints every time with this 100% compatible Lexmark 12A1970 ink cartridge. Ideally suited to your Lexmark printer, this 12A1970 ink cartridge has been quality assured to ensure high quality prints every time. Suitable for printing all types of documents, this budget Lexmark remanufactured ink cartridge will ensure your documents print with the highest quality. With up to 300 pages capacity, this cartridge meets or exceeds the capacity of the Lexmark original. p>

With fast delivery, a 12 month guarantee and telephone support by a friendly team, our service is second to none. If you have any queries, please contact our team on 0161 794 8111 or alternatively email us at where we will be pleased to assist. Our phone support can help you to ensure you are ordering the correct items. p>

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